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Gratitude Attitude

I launched a ‘Grateful for‘ challenge to seven people in May 2019 for a year. Nine people joined the challenge and by Dec 2019 some opted to leave at the six month point, having had various degrees of success in terms of using gratutide… Continue Reading “Gratitude Attitude”

October Catch Up

A YEAR LONG CHALLENGE: I originally asked seven people who struggle with a common mental health issue such as depression or anxiety, or a sense of ‘lack’ to be in gratitude for the year ahead. Each of them represented a day of the week and began… Continue Reading “October Catch Up”

In Gratitude: July Catch Up

We catch up with our nine volunteers two months into their year long photo challenge of capturing a photo of something they are grateful for each week. We also welcome one more volunteer to the team who joins us on Sundays from the ‘Northern… Continue Reading “In Gratitude: July Catch Up”