What is it?

Reiki energy is a powerful, high vibrational energy, which contrasts with lower vibrational energies of illness and dis-ease. Reiki goes wherever it is needed first, which may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.

Healing session, or Reiki Training…

Healing Session

Reiki healing is carried out in person at our therapy room in Weymouth. You will be fully clothed, invited to lie down on a massage style table and usually have a blanket over top of you to keep you warm and cosy. Reiki comes through therapists hands which may be held still over your body or just above it. Whilst relaxing and absorbing reiki healing energy, you may fall off to sleep which is normal.

Reiki I

In person, or online, you can learn the art of Reiki level I which is focused on healing yourself first. This level also includes how to give reiki to our loved ones, including animals and plants.

Reiki II

In person, or online, building on your learning from level I, with myself, or another teacher; Reiki II is focused on healing others, humans or animals. This level is for those wishing to practice Reiki as a practitioner, and includes distance Reiki.

Reiki III/Masters

In person, or online, building on your self healing, and healing of others at Reiki II; Reiki III/Masters is focused on you becoming a teacher of Reiki yourself.

Reiki Principals

What is Reiki?

‘Rei’ means ‘universal’ and is the higher spiritual consciousness that guides the creation and function of the universe. ‘Ki’ means ‘life force’ and is the energy that flows through every living thing.

Reiki was used by ancient Tibetan Lamas and Buddhist monks for self improvement and re-discovered in the 1800’s by Japanese scholar Dr Mikao Usui.


I just wanted to thank you again for last Sunday, it was really amazing. I loved the teaching and also the chance to get the briefest opportunity to be near horses. I also really enjoyed talking to you about spirit and shamanism.

David, Reiki I

George has a brilliant manner and is easy to work with. I enjoyed learning how to draw the Reiki symbols. We learnt about chakra’s on humans, and animals, our lineage and reiki history. The meditation to meet my Reiki guides was an unforgettable experience.

Simon, Reiki I and II

Ready to begin your journey with Reiki?

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