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Satish Kumar, is the co-founder of Schmacher College in Devon. He is a peace and environmental activist who wrote this book after walking an 8600 mile ‘peace’ journey from India, covering the corners of the nuclear world in 1962. This will inspire you to connect to your planet in the here and now, to let go of prejudice and preconditioning, go beyond good and evil, to realise a bigger connection in life.

This book is a great foundation for learning more about TA and goes into the theory thoroughly covering things like childhood scripts, the games we play, masked/suppressed emotions. It is generally found on a counsellors reading list if training in this modality.

John Bradshaw combines Transactional Analysis, with Erik Erickson’s Stages of Development and psycho-education. He has included numerous exercises to reclaim your wounded inner child that he uses in his various workshops and group work. This book inspired my Inner Child Workshops.

My take on Tolle’s analogy that we are each like beams of sunshine that think we are isolated and have to fight for our very existence. If we could only let the false self die, with that death, we would realise we are all part of the sun, the divine source. Our unconscious (mind) becomes conscious (beyond the mind).

During the first Gateway of the Zodiac Wheel (April) I met the author of ‘Your Zodiac Soul‘ John Wadsworth in a cafe in Glastonbury.As we transition through the gateways of each zodiac we are offered a deeper understanding to some of the lessons and obstacles we may have faced and perhaps more about our reactions to them, to ourselves and to others. Our blocks to our soul’s wholeness is explored and challenged with suggestions to overcome them.

You can read this book from start to finish, or open by chance and read the lesson or step for the ascension. I met Tim at a Positive Living Group discussing the 12 chakras when everyone was still stuck in the old 7. He produces a lot of information on his website or youtube channel for free, always promoting the higher self and vibrating as high as we can during these interesting times on Earth – its all part of the ascension process.

Louise explains that thoughts and feelings from the emotional body can pass into the physical body causing dis-ease. This particular gift edition has a colour coded table at the back allowing you to look up the disease, the probably thoughts causing it and the new mantra to rewire it. This book is a reference book for me, had it for years and have used it in counselling, particularly when working with the body.

The planets electromagnet waves keep us all grounded and healthy. This book discusses the importance of taking our shoes and socks off and connecting to the ground, earth, grass or even concrete for at least 20 mins everyday. There are reports of massive health improvements by putting this into your daily routine.

Wind in the Willows Style explanation of TA using all the well known characters: Badger, Toad, Mole and Rat with introduction of Heron as the counsellor. Warning – you may never look at Badger the same way again.  Easy to read explanation of TA.

The Sidhe imparted their wisdom with John at an excavation site in Ireland, from their world which runs in parallel with our own. The use of their glyph helped him connect once home. Gaia leaves these glyphs for us to connect with her a similar way, we know. There are six exercises for us all to practice ‘awareness’ and ‘meditating’ to connect us to our own inner wisdom and that of the Great Web of Life.

A book about following your heart as there you willl find your treasure and the universe will always conspire in your favour. The four main obstables that get in the way of this: limiting childhood beliefs, conditional love, fear of failure, fear of realising your dream. And Santiago is tested throughout the book in a relatable way.

I met the Elen at a book promotion and was amazed as she channelled the elven realm and her image changed to someone older but at the same time ageless. This book takes you on a journey of the Silver Wheel of 13 moons with a glyph to help connect at each journey. A book from Lemurian times itself, available to us now as we are transcending throught the acension process.

Calista’s book brings in divine feminine finally to archangels. Each chapter is so easy to read and dedicated to an archangle with self help and discovery exercises. There is an audio version of this book which helps when doing the meditations, which attune you to each angel read out by Calista herself. Calista often gives guidance from the angels or unicorns free of charge on her facebook or instagram.

Featured Image: Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

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