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Equine Leadership Edition 6
BBC2 on Key4Life’s Rehabilitation Programme
“Horses like people, have their own characters, not every one is the same. So they got their own personalities. We gotta learn how to approach them. You can take these skills into every day life. Human are animals, we both got instincts. We share a common thing” Abdi
Equine Leadership Edition 4 – The Pony That Spoke to My Inner Child

“I certainly wasn’t expecting any epiphanies this wet morning in the Cotswolds as I had merely agreed to help my amazing wife with her new horse-related ‘Women’s Retreats” Mark Cavill
Equine Leadership Author Interview

“The biggest wisdom we can give you is to stay in the now moment, to get out of your thinking mind and engage with your body more. Communication and connection comes in through the body and once you feel that, you are connected to your own wisdom, and that is something far bigger than all of us, A Oneness.” From the herd

Equine Leadership Edition 5 – Freeing Your Inner Child

“Sometimes you have to unlearn what you think you know, to feel what you truely know” Georgie and the herd
Equine Leadership Edition 3 – Equine ReWilding

“When we are with equines, particularly outside in nature, we are reminded of our own connectivity to our external and inner worlds. This allows our wild self to come to the fore.” Georgie

Horsemanship (Issue 106): Equine ReWilding meets The Equine Touch (subscription required)

“We invited fellow Equine Therapy practitioners to experience Equine ReWilding (being not doing) and they would also be introduced to a body balancing technique called The Equine Touch” Georgie
Horsemanship (Issue 104): Equine ReWilding – Communicating with Horses (subscription required)

“ReWilding is not only important for communicating with our real self but the process itself can help us then communicate with animals. We could all communicate with animals, if our analytical minds got out of the way. I am not quite out of my own way” Georgie
Horsemanship (Issue 103): Equine ReWilding (subscription required)

“It often puzzles me to hear someone explain to others that we train our horses in equine therapy. Our horses aren’t actually trained they are simply being themselves. What we do is spend time with them, we connect and communicate with them.” Georgie

AROUND THE TABLE with Jenny Rolfe
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In this short clip we offer thoughts around ‘ HUMAN BEINGS NOT HUMAN DO-INGS’- with
Georgie McBurney and Caroline Crane
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