The Sidhe imparted their wisdom with John at an excavation site in Ireland, from their world which runs in parallel with our own. The use of their glyph helped him connect once home. Gaia leaves these glyphs for us to connect with her a similar way, we know. There are six exercises for us all to practice ‘awareness’ and ‘meditating’ to connect us to our own inner wisdom and that of the Great Web of Life.

Author Robin is a born naturalist. She studies as a botanist as a way of allowing her way of exploring the natural world as a career. She becomes a professor which allows her naturalist ways and Potawatomi wisdoms to come to the fore in the scientific community. Evidencing that humans are part of nature and how our connecting and engaging with the plant kingdom is mutually beneficial.

Author David begins a journey of self discovery with medicine woman Mary Gardener. He generously shares his own highs and lows, along with the case studies he observes and supports as he begins to learn the art of healing others. For his own health reasons, he decides to stop his journey which instead leads him into writing about his learning and sharing in this wonderful book.

I met the Elen at a book promotion were she was reading a chapter from her book. I was amazed as she channelled the elven realm, her image changed to someone older, but at the same time ageless. She played the drum and began to speak Elvis as took the audience on one of the books journeys/meditations. There are 13 moons on the Silver Wheel each with a glyph to help us connect at each journey back to Lemurian times.

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