EFT & Matrix

EFT & Matrix

Emotional Freedom Technique is a sequence of tapping on the ends of the bodies meridian lines, while focusing on specific issues which can lead to a freeing of emotional and physical symptoms.

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT is a technique which changes your relationship to your past and can transform your physical and emotional health in the present by using the unified energy field or matrix.

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Video EFT/MRA is carried out via a secure and encrypted web platform (Doxy). You’ll need a private space to have the session. Use a laptop, computer, tablet or phone. Make sure that your microphone and camera are working and you have a good signal. Headphones are helpful, or loud speaker so you can have your hands free for tapping.

Face to Face

Face to Face EFT/MRA is carried out in a therapy by booking an appointment in advance. At present this option is only available on Fridays in Weymouth.

Tapping Points

How I work

A holistic approach is required for good health, areas to consider include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. All bodies can effect each other. When we have had a shock which triggers our ‘fight and flight’ response it goes into our unconscious or subconscious and a belief is set up for the next time we face something similar.

I use EFT/MRA to challenge negative or limiting beliefs, reducing blocks in our energy fields and allowing energy to flow through the bodies supporting its natural healing ability.

Our sadness is an energy we discharge in order to heal. Sadness is painful. We try to avoid it. Actually discharging sadness releases the energy involved in our emotional pain

John Bradshaw

You have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving yourself and see what happens.

Louise Hay

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