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There are three key things to explore in counselling: your relationship with YOU, with OTHERS and with your PAST. It’s not about looking back, it’s about connecting to present emotions. That’s when change happens.


Telephone counselling is carried out via your mobile or landline phone. You’ll need a private space to have the conversation. If using a mobile, ensure a good signal and enough charge on your battery for the length of the session.


Online counselling is carried out via secure and encrypted web platforms. Just like phone counselling you’ll need a private space to have the conversation. Use a laptop, computer, or tablet if possible (and you may need to make sure that your device’s microphone and camera are working).

Face to Face

Face to Face counselling is carried out by attending one of the two locations based in Weymouth, Dorset. Appointments are made in advance.

Our sadness is an energy we discharge in order to heal. Sadness is painful. We try to avoid it. Actually discharging sadness releases the energy involved in our emotional pain

— John Bradshaw

You have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving yourself and see what happens.

— Louise Hay

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