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Feel the Feelings

Change your thoughts – think more postive – you become your thoughts – thoughts become your destiny. But what if it’s not about your thoughts? I got stuck and for some time I wasn’t sure how to become unstuck. The answer was simple, ‘I… Continue Reading “Feel the Feelings”

Who let the dogs out

Self Selection & Essential Oils Workshops for dog and their humans now running at Furzedown Farm We held our first workshop for dogs and their humans recently. Humans learnt about the physical and emotional uses of essential oils, grass powders and clays, and why… Continue Reading “Who let the dogs out”

In Gratitude: August Catch Up

A YEAR LONG CHALLENGE: I originally asked seven people who struggle with a common mental health issue such as depression or anxiety, or a sense of ‘lack’ to be in gratitude for the year ahead. Each of them represented a day of the week and began… Continue Reading “In Gratitude: August Catch Up”

Reiki Healing Exchanges

Our first group of Reiki II practitioners will now be offering Reiki exchanges at Furzedown Farm to help gain their hours for certification. If you would like to help them and fancy some healing too, this blog is for you… HUMAN REIKI/HEALING EXCHANGES Our… Continue Reading “Reiki Healing Exchanges”

My Journey with Oils

How did I get into Essential Oils for Animals? I had just left teaching with stress related illness, had to quit renting my home and decided to finally set up my Animal Behaviour business. I had studied BSc Hons Animal Science (Behaviour and Welfare),… Continue Reading “My Journey with Oils”

Healing with Oils: A catch Up

A few weeks after our first essential oils workshop at Furzedown Farm we catch up with our group to see how they have got on offering oils and herbs to their horses.

Goodbye, farewell, adios – it’s all about endings…

Originally posted on New Leaf Counselling and Therapy:
How are you with goodbye’s? Saying goodbye is the hardest thing that most of us do. Endings by definition are final and are therefore something that most of us find difficult.? “How lucky I am to…

In Gratitude: July Catch Up

We catch up with our nine volunteers two months into their year long photo challenge of capturing a photo of something they are grateful for each week. We also welcome one more volunteer to the team who joins us on Sundays from the ‘Northern… Continue Reading “In Gratitude: July Catch Up”

Healing with Oils

Highlights from our first Essential Oil Therapy for Equine Owners Workshops at Furzedown Farm, Weymouth. What is Essential Oil Therapy? Its a bit like aromatherapy for people, but its for horses. It does not involve massaging oils into the body as horses are far… Continue Reading “Healing with Oils”

Healing Self Before Others

A Healing Day People drawn to healing and helping others often feel that looking after themselves or putting themselves first is selfish. Unpicking this belief slightly, we may find that it is a ‘childhood script’ that we are acting from. The driver behind it… Continue Reading “Healing Self Before Others”