As some of you may know I am writing a book for kinship foster carers, with a working title of ‘Difficult Endings’. During my counselling training, we explored our emotions and feelings around endings. Endings could mean a range of things, from being made redundant to finishing a good book. I once knew someone who…

Writing a book

I have wanted to write a book for more than 20 years and this year I decided to go for it after seeing Joshua Sprague’s 30 day challenge (link). So I have two more chapters to write (first draft) and I am at the stage of choosing a title. This involved putting a poll out…

Warp and weft

It is a soggy Sunday morning but a calm one. The October morning sun is casting its pale light across all things, soothing nature from yesterdays indignant weather. This is a moment of bliss, and my intention is to keep it that way. This process of literary expression needs to be organic I have decided,…

What’s in a label?

Testing, testing 1,2,3 comma nope… ok so I’m going to give this Google Docs thing a go and speak my thoughts as its Friday evening I am both tired and yet deeply contemplative at the moment. The thing about us, and I’m talking in particular about those of us who have had adventures, who have…


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Georgie McBurney

Hi, I’m Georgie an eternal student who loves to blog anything that helps others on their inner and outer journeys.

My Guest Bloggers
Angie McCormick

Hi, I’m Angie aka Serendippyhippy. I am a professional artist and a trainee Art Psychotherapist. I met Georgie when I was 11 years old and we have found it curious that we often have parallel life experiences.

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