First Book
Photograph by Sebastien Blomme

Difficult Endings is a book to offer support for Kinship Foster Carers who are facing an end of placement. My own ending led to the loss of my home and role. I share my learning about grieving, healing and acceptance in the years that followed as I retrained as a counsellor, equine therapist and engaged in spiritual development and shamanic practices.

Equine Leadership Magazine
Raising the Consciousness – How horses raise the consciousness of humanity
Freeing Your Inner Child – Your Inner Child has a choice, to stay wounded or to heal.

Equine ReWilding – ​we need to unlearn what we have learnt to discover what we already know
Horsemanship Magazine
Horsemanship (issue 106, 2018) The Equine Touch: What is it and how can it help
Horsemanship (issue 104, 2017) Equine ReWilding: Communicating with horses
Horsemanship (issue 103, 2017) Equine ReWilding: How horses make us better
Equine Leadership Magazine

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