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When I think of creativity I think of art. It was my favourite subject at school which I studied up to A-level before branching into Graphic Design at Art College. Illustration was all done by hand back then, but before I would complete my course, computers were here to replace ‘hands’ but not something we would learn as there was only one in our classroom. I prefered getting my hands dirty anyway and I couldn’t vision myself sat behind a computer all day. I left the course and joined the Army…and sat behind a computer all day.

I continued painting as a hobby, realising in hindsight this was good for my mental health as it got me in the present moment – mindfulness basically. Computer aided design became invaluable for me when I was self employed, and by embracing them, I invited digital photography into my life, which I love and flood my instagram account with. In 2015 I started to exhibit my Art and sell prints. More recently I have been exploring channelling art as a way of tapping into the unconscious mind, which was fuelled further by capturing a spiritual mediums guide the way she shes him.

What do you like creating?

Calista – Spiritual Author and Speaker

On the Fire Horse – The Elemental Series.

“This is one of the fire unicorns. Of course, this unicorn has wings. So that is the lineage of Pegaseans who are like the celestial cousins of unicorn. Why wings? They are associated with the angelic kingdoms. Unicorns when we invite them into our lives represent souls and spiritual levels. Angels represent our hearts, who we divinely are. Pegasus are a blend of unicorn and angel and they come forward when we are really ready to make huge change in our life.” [link]

On Shadowlands

“There is a type of unicorn called ‘the void unicorns’ or ‘the black unicorns’ who work closely with the Archeia, the Female Archangels. These unicorns help us end chapters that are limiting – ways of thinking, fears, habits, behaviours, addictions, abusive toxic relationships. They are unicorns to bring in for support for divine ending and closures, and new beginnings.” [Rise like a Unicorn Retreat]
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