ART Portfolio

When I think of creativity I think of art. It was my favourite subject at school which I studied up to A-level before branching into Graphic Design at Art College. Illustration was all done by hand back then, but before I would complete my course, computers were here to replace ‘hands’ but not something we would learn as there was only one in our classroom. I prefered getting my hands dirty anyway and I couldn’t vision myself sat behind a computer all day. I left the course and joined the Army…and sat behind a computer all day.

I continued painting as a hobby, realising in hindsight this was good for my mental health as it got me in the present moment – mindfulness basically. Computer aided design became invaluable for me when I was self employed, and by embracing them, I invited digital photography into my life, which I love and flood my instagram account with. In 2015 I started to exhibit my Art and sell prints. More recently I have been exploring channelling art as a way of tapping into the unconscious mind, which was fuelled further by capturing a spiritual mediums guide the way she shes him.

What do you like creating?

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