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I currently work part-time as an Employee Assist Programme (EAP) Counsellor. I have a small private practice offering Counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki. Additionally, I support in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Otherwise I am kept busy in the outdoors with two ponies.

I love witnessing the moment clients reconnect to their inner child, and how quickly they begin to heal.


I am a Registered Member of the BACP. I work mainly with adults, supporting those dealing with common issues such as anxiety and depression using Inner Child work. I studied at level 4 and 5 with CPCAB in Humanistic Integrative Counselling (Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Person Centered Therapy) and Psycho-Spiritual Counselling (Transpersonal, Psychosynthesis, Eco Therapy) respectively. I trained as an Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner to further support trauma release from the body.

Before specialising as a counsellor, I worked in holistic therapies such as Kinesiology, Essential Oils (for Animals) and became a Reiki Master, I mainly supported animals. It was here I realised pets often reflected their owners wounding, so to support one I had to look at the other, and so began my journey to support healing humans.

I am trained in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (LEAP model), which evolved into Equine ReWilding as I began to learn more from working alongside horses at liberty. Guided by this work, I began to explore the world of shamanism and spiritual development and learnt further from the Animal Peoples. I am continuing my journey as a shamanic practitioner.



2016 – 2022

I have volunteered for Steps to wellbeing (NHS referrals) and Help Counselling (for young persons). Worked at Penn Hill GP Surgery as a counsellor and additionally a lead NHS Health Coach for Behaviour Change. I set up a Mental Health Support Group At Penn Hill, and later a counselling service to support further surgery patients and trainee counsellors gaining their hours. During the ‘lockdown chapter’ I worked as a 999 operator before returning to counselling, and later bringing EFT into my private practice.


2007 – 2022

I worked as a Secondary Biology/Science teacher and a Science Lecturer in both Animal Care and Equine Departments at Higher and Further Education. Wrote a BTEC diploma in Equine Management and became its Programme Leader. Facilitated the Mind OUT (LGBTQ) group and taught various workshops on psycho-education, Inner Child Therapy, Self Selection for Animals and Reiki.


2017 – 2022

Supported HALO (Dorset), Paintedhorse (Glastonbury), Equine Earth (Gloucestershire), and Fhare Ltd (Dorset). This work included supporting Key4Life charity with their rehabilitation of young offenders with Equine Therapy, running Woodland with Equine Retreats and Confidence Building for Equine Enthusiasts. I am now supporting Chisel Equestrian in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as their mental health specialist.

“I was looking for a way of making a positive difference in the world, I joined the police, I became a soldier, I became a teacher… and yet with each career I just didn’t feel I achieved this. When I finally reconnected to my inner child, I realised this was the difference I could make. I finally understood ‘As within, so without’ and so began this inward journey of healing my wounding”

Georgie McBurney

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