Who Am I? Big Question

Intros, facets and labels

Oh, where to begin with an introduction? A traditional good old-fashioned introduction in literary terms that is, and yet I do not fit that ‘old fashioned’ bill, never have, never will. I would even go as far as to say I have renounced ‘old fashioned’, musty, cabbage smelling muted in colour and personality, who wants that?! Nope. I embrace the new, the newer than me even – I am not old, but I am not young either and I have never truly felt my age. I am, at my very core a good person with a penchant for lie in’s, interesting clothes, quality food (cooked by someone else) and intuitive tech. I have an innate ability to pick the most expensive thing in the shop without looking at the price tag, this is unfortunate as I can usually neither afford them nor their ‘not quite as shiny’ cheaper counterparts.

By those who know me and have known me, I have been described as bohemian, Amazonian, ‘could-fall-in-a lorry-load-of-horse-shit-and-come-up-smelling-of-roses’, intellectual hippy, and thanks to my time in the British army: space cadet, fruit loop, kit bag, blart, lumpy jumper, scrote. And in relation to my poorly packed webbing pouch (two magazines minus the obligatory army issue socks to divide them in the pouch resulting in a rhythmical clatter with every step) on an early morning march down to the ranges during basic training, my sergeant quickly identified me as the culprit and announced that, ‘I sound like a skeleton having a wank in a biscuit tin’.

The Evoluntionary DIY Shopping List

But I am not just my core, we none of us are, are we? We are a culmination of our families generations subjected to the rigours of life and the ecstasy of it. Our very DNA is sculpted in part by those experiences and are expressed in us by our quirks, preferences, phobias, and traits. We expand and contract in response to the people we meet, the people we leave behind or are left behind by. Each generation building on the last, a surge of perpetual motion, each of us working towards something we are only now beginning to comprehend the rudimentary possibilities of. And whilst we trundle on, we each of us pursue our kaleidoscope of goals, obligations, needs, wants, and desires.

As for me, I am a trainee art psychotherapist in my final year (I hope!), a military veteran, a single mum of two LGBTQ+ teens, a survivor of C/PTSD that is now very well managed, a professional artist and a support worker for students in a further education college. I am what some call ‘awake’, which has less to do with me dragging myself from my pit and more to do with me seeing the synchronous nature of existence, recognising this shift in human evolution towards connection, seeing how the darker personalities on earth are having the spot light shone upon them for all the world to see their works. Generally, I acknowledge that in doing my inner work, I help the shift into what some call the fifth dimension.

The Global Community, The Journey and Tipex

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of labelling myself or others. Labels don’t explain the ‘who’ and the ‘what’, they merely point to what ‘is there’ for the purpose of identification. Used any other way is restricting. I can say I only eat a la carte but if I have labelled myself exclusively as such, I limit myself from experiencing a greasy spoon caf egg buttie or a Camden market noodle fest, peel off our labels and we are liberated from their shackles! I’m also not following some kooky guru or religious type, I don’t blindly follow anyone and I certainly don’t bang on ad infinitum about what I have come to understand and expect folks to accept it and adopt it, in fact, what I have come to understand so far (I hasten to add), is only a small facet of a much bigger ‘thing’ and my facet is a working title so I have the Tipex to hand (or the delete button for new schoolers). Each of us has come to be us through a very unique set of circumstances from way back in our genealogy to the you in the mirror right now and for that very reason your facet of understanding is très unique also.

The shift towards a global community is in effect the ‘glue’ for each facet coming together. The recognition of synchronicity being the sorting of the jigsaw into the edge pieces, the background pieces, and the central feature pieces – since there is rather a lot of us, without this it would take too long! Logically (to me) it seems plausible on this basis that at some point down the line we would be endowed with a further ‘knowing’ that enable us to assemble our understandings into the ‘finished product’. Of course I could be wrong but I could be onto something – still need the Tipex. This concept brings me neatly to the purpose of the blog ushering forth…henceforth…To explore understandings, corroborate recognitions, amend, and add to our facets as a result, possibly bringing us a little closer to a wholeness?

Who am I?

I am me. Angie aka Serendippyhippy.

Who are you?

And so, as our weary hero, brushes off the dust and climbs onto her trusty steed, she squints at the horizon, where the orange sun nestles beyond, wiping the sweat of the day from her brow, they set off towards the horizon where new adventures lay and chance meetings to be had…

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