Coronavirus: An Astrological Perspective

by John Wadsworth MA

“Whilever we remain indoctrinated by the idea of scarcity; by the toxic myth that there is not enough, by the idea that more is better, then no matter how much we have and how much we gain materially, we will always demand more, living in fear that at any moment it could be taken away from us.” – John Bradshaw, MA


Dear Friends This is a long post, in the second half of which I discuss in detail the astrology of the coronavirus pandemic and the implications of the immanent planetary alignments. In the first half, I lay out my own ideas, with regard to the times we are now living through (with broader astrological references). Please feel free to share…

As Above So Below. We Are In Unprecedented Times

We are current facing a global crisis the like of which few of us will have seen in our lifetimes. And this is mirrored by the type of astrological alignments that are seen only once or twice in a millennium. As above, so below, we are in living in unprecedented times, and the entire fabric of our world, and the way we live, is fundamentally changing in a way that will reverberate down the decades to come. Over the coming months, we will witness many of the established Capricornian structures of our world collapsing (even while those in power do everything they can to prop them up). Meanwhile, we must radically adapt to the very different demands of an Aquarian future.

Saturn in Aquarius & the Re-Evaluation of Socialism

It strikes me that the countries that are likely to recover the most effectively from the consequences of this pandemic are those that retain an inherent socialism within the core values of their society. Those that haven’t abandoned the idea of community; those who place the well-being of the whole society above the privilege of individual freedoms are undoubtedly better prepared to deal with this pandemic. Socialism is in many ways an Aquarian social ideal, and despite its Uranian idealism it has tended to be more Saturnian in its political application (Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and in less than a week’s time, it will enter that sign) and has proved less appealing than the more apparently free market economical model that has come dominate the western world. Yet we cannot fail to be impressed when we see China stemming the spread of the virus, through a massive (albeit rigidly enforced) collective effort. In Europe, we have seen quarantined Italians singing to one another from their balconies to keep spirits up, the Spanish in Madrid applauding, as one, the efforts of medical staff. These countries are no longer run by socialist governments (and clearly there are significant numbers ignoring curfews and acting out of personal interest); however that spirit of extended family and community remains strong enough to assist in the collective effort.

Acknowledging our Shared Humanity

Even in the UK today, we saw the National Trust opening up all its beautiful gardens and offering free access for people to get out and experience the natural world coming back to life, and benefit from the rejuvenating spirit of spring, as we approach the equinox and its promise of longer light-filled days. Such spontaneous acts of community spirit, which are in no way motivated by financial gain, express socialism at its very best. Acts of abundant giving like this make us all feel good, they acknowledge our shared humanity, the recognition that we are inevitably interdependent upon one another, regardless of our background, age, class, religion, education, wealth status, or national identity. This has to come to the forefront of our collective awareness now. Governments, corporations, institutions, business owners, landlords and community leaders must change their attitudes and behaviours in line with that realisation, as must we all, each one of us.

Coronavirus is a Neptune in Pisces Manifestation

And while we could be forgiven for our instinctive reactions, ‘how am I going to get through this?” or ‘how do I make my own / my family’s future more secure in the face of what’s happening?’, or ‘how could I still profit from this?’, we cannot let such individualistic preoccupations go unchallenged. We should all be taking a hard look at ourselves, and thinking beyond our own personal interests. This virus is a Neptune in Pisces manifestation; such a great leveller, it has no respect for boundaries of nation, wealth or societal status, it infiltrates everywhere without discrimination. And with the invisible, nebulous, unpredictable, way in which it spreads, the securing of our own personal health is not enough – we have no choice but to think of how our actions and behaviours impact others. Although it is less immediately obvious, this is not unlike the way that the invisible forces of money work, how our pursuit of wealth and the actions we take to ensure our own financial security inevitably affect others. This is becoming more obvious through this pandemic, where both our health and wealth are under direct and immanent threat.

Uranus in Taurus: A Radical Overhaul of Money & Wealth

Our western, liberal democracies and their political and economic ideologies have convinced us that life is like a game of monopoly – that in order to succeed, we must compete with our fellow human beings to bag all the assets for ourselves, to secure our own lot in a world of finite, limited resources. Yet resources are primarily confined by the limits of our own imaginations. Whilever we remain indoctrinated by the idea of scarcity; by the toxic myth that there is not enough, by the idea that more is better, then no matter how much we have and how much we gain materially, we will always demand more, living in fear that at any moment it could be taken away from us. Regardless of our wealth status, our health status, or our status in society, we remain trapped in a consciousness of poverty, competing with others, trying to shore up our personal defences and buy up everything we can in order to keep at bay the personal threats of disease, bankruptcy or a fall from power. We are not properly educated to appreciate the valuing of having enough, that more balanced experience of knowing that our needs are met by the common wealth that exists within a healthy, thriving community. This is the radical demand of Uranus in Taurus, our whole relationship to money and personal acquisition and ownership must be completely overhauled. The idea that we pool our skills, our food, our tools, our knowledge, our creative energy, our land, our money, might seem like a naively quaint, hippy ideal but in the future that we are now facing, this may be the only realistic choice we have if we are to survive and flourish.

Should We Really Be Declaring War on a Virus?

It must surely be the case that our capacity to thrive as a society requires not just the accommodation, but the celebration of every diverse way of life that the genius of humanity has concocted. This is our Aquarian common wealth. And when we extend this inclusive perspective to the more-than-human world, to our ever-present inter-relationship with the animal, plant, fungi, protista and bacteria kingdoms, which naturally include this virus, then we might start to realise that this virus itself carries its own genius, its own form of consciousness within the web of life to which it rightfully belongs. And if Covid-19 carries a message for us, it is surely saying that we must change direction if we are to progress as a species, and if the planet is to recover to the extent that it can continue to support life as we know it. I think that is an altogether better message that the one we are hearing from our governments, that we are ‘at war’ with the virus. It’s hardly surprising with Mars so strong and active at the moment in Capricorn and about to make three volatile conjunctions with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. But just like the ‘war on terror’, declaring war on the virus is part of the old paradigm and it keeps us locked into a polarity of good and evil that got us into this mess in the first place.

Saturn-Pluto: The Shadow of Corporate Capitalism

I will get properly onto the astrology in a moment, and address the consequences of this year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction which is now unveiling the shadow of corporate capitalism and free market liberalism, those parasitic economic structures to which we have become so accustomed. We have been told that the acquisition, accumulation and hoarding of resources is the way to secure our future, yet it is so fiercely antagonistic to the fabric of life, with its creative living systems that naturally renew and recycle their diverse components for the benefit of the whole. I do not want to glamorise socialism as a political ideology, it carries its own shadow of organisational control and is just as susceptible to manipulation by those in power. However, it is undoubtedly more aligned to the needs of the whole community, founded as it is in the recognition that a society can only thrive when all its members are supported, and granted an inalienable right to live a sustainable life. By contrast, the type of capitalism we are currently subjected to serves the short term interests of a privileged elite, that have ironically made themselves immune to the market forces that dictate the fortunes of everyone else! It casts a shadow of poverty, dependency, and dis-ease over those who are either unable or unwilling to compete within the limited imagination of those market forces.

Saturn-Pluto & Collective Accountability

As I have said before, this viral pandemic is a Neptune in Pisces phenomenon, triggering the immense economic and societal breakdown that is pre-figured in the Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn alignment of this year. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January of this year (12th Jan) has brought the shadow of collective accountability to bear and is making us face up to the exploitation, greed and ruthless ambition that has brought us to the brink of self-destruction as a species.

The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions…

The three forthcoming conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto (5th April, 30th June & 12th Nov) will reveal the amplified scope and extent of the societal breakdown we are facing, which is still beyond what many people can currently imagine. We are not properly educated to appreciate the valuing of having enough, that more balanced experience of knowing that our needs are met by the common wealth that exists within a healthy, thriving community, and his becomes more apparent still at the end of the year when Jupiter and Saturn make their paradigm shifting conjunction in the sign of the water-bearer.

The Historic Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius…

On 23rd March, Saturn will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius, where it will remain until 3rd July, when it returns to Capricorn during its retrograde phase (remaining there until 18th Dec). Saturn in Aquarius will show us that collective responsibility and accountability is the only way forward. On 21st December this year, Jupiter will make its historic conjunction with Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius. These conjunctions occur every 20 years, but this one is special, it marks a new era – the beginning of a 200 year period when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions will occur in the air signs (for the last 200 years they have occurred in earth signs – with the exception of 1980-81). We get a powerful glimpse of this at the end of March, when Mars makes his own conjunction with Saturn in that same first degree of Aquarius. Indeed, Mars is very busy over the next thirteen days…

Mars Conjuncts Jupiter & Pluto…

On 20th March, the Spring equinox, Mars conjuncts Jupiter at 22 degrees Capricorn, releasing a huge burst of energy that could really shake things up, in terms of the global perspective on the pandemic, escalating actions taken by governments to try and contain the spread of the virus and waking people up to the scale of what is unfolding, which has probably, as yet, been underestimated by the majority of people. Then, on 23rd March, Mars conjuncts Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn, which may bring up the shadow of fear collectively, as a result of the Mars-Jupiter escalation. This could be where we see a lot more restriction of travel and enforcement of curfews in countries around the world, who have not yet taken these measures. We could also see an increased incidence of violence, as people react to the restrictions upon their personal freedoms that occur through these much more extreme measures.

Mars Conjuncts Saturn…

Things move fast then through the last week of March, and on 31st March, Mars conjuncts Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius. While it might seem like we are hitting a wall at this point, this is actually the first major injection of Aquarian energy that is set to characterise the coming era; a shift that will ultimately lead to a rejuvenated sense of community thinking and collective responsibility. This may be very hard to appreciate though in the early stages, as it is likely to manifest as the most severe curbing yet of individual rights and freedoms, and it will hit us hard. Actually, it will hit some more than others. Mars-Saturn carries a theme of inevitable restriction, it sobers us up, puts us in touch with our mortality, and forces us to manage our energy and expectations appropriately. In Aquarius, it forces us to realise that we are stronger together than we are alone. How poignant, and paradoxical then, they we will be living more isolated from another that most of us have ever been used, reliant more than ever upon technology and the more abstract Aquarian medium of the internet to stay connected with one another.

Much More to Come…

There is much more to say about the astrology of this year, including the Venus retrograde phase (13th May – 25th June), as well as the Saturn and Mars retrograde periods, and I will share more about these in future posts. So much is happening – we are being fast-track initiated into the new Aquarian era, and our lives as we know them are being changed in ways that may have seemed unimaginable just a few months ago.

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