Who let the dogs out

Self Selection & Essential Oils Workshops for dog and their humans now running at Furzedown Farm

We held our first workshop for dogs and their humans recently. Humans learnt about the physical and emotional uses of essential oils, grass powders and clays, and why a dog may select them. After the theory, the dogs were invited to self select any of the oils on offer.

We now have two formats for the workshop 1) Group Workshop with theory in morning, and practical where your dog self selects those oils talked about either the same day, (or soon afterwards depending on logistics), 2) Private/Individual Session with you and for your dog (s) at the farm.

The Self Selection Process: Henrietta and Electra the farm dogs take part in the demo
We are all individuals: we observe different responses to what’s on offer at the selection bar.
Ralph and Polly during their first self selection session

Dachshunds, Ralph and Polly, unlike Electra and Henrietta (above), were new to the oils experience. They were interested in several of the oils which they kept returning to. Both were really keen on spirulina powder. Ralph selected one of the macerated oils to help him purge. Polly appeared to select flower oils that had emotional properties and sat above one of the oils on a chair having a rest. Both had a wipe of their mouths on a blanket after the messier oils and powders, then had a snooze in the big comfy chair. Following this workshop, Polly (the black dachshund), hasn’t overly barked in her day-to-day living which has caused annoyance with neighbours, and she seems to have calmed down considerably.

Owner’s photographs of self selection with their furries after the workshop
A Personal Reflection:

When I started my first business, it was all about dog behaviour. It moved into health and well-being when I came across Essential Oil Therapy/Zoopharamcognosy for Animals. I went on to work more with horses, but my foundations were with our domesticated little and not so little wolves. I was saddened to hear the news that two dear little dogs close to my heart had died just before I was about to do my first dog workshop. It made me reflect on paths, journeys and cycles. Here I was with dogs once again after nearly a ten year cycle. I felt the need to mention the dogs at the start of this journey with oils…

Cujo the Westie and Jake the terrier

Cujo’s human was Penny McKinley-Rodgers whom I met in her shop in Wantage, Oxon in 2001 when I lived there for a couple of years. Penny later became photographer with her husband Cam (who was the human of Jake). When I was studying my Essential Oils with Karen Bourdon in Oxon, I made a visit to Penny and Cam who still lived there to see if the oils would help their boys with a few issues. In return I got several photos of their boys selecting oils, and I have used these photo’s to market my work. I had not used those photos for years, as I was working in another field and did not think I would return. Suddenly here they both were on a poster to advertise our first workshop at the farm and I get the news that Cujo has crossed over Rainbow bridge to join his buddy Jake. Penny and Cam themselves are now living in Australia growing their amazing business there. Sending my love over to you, its the only time a dog ever breaks your heart. Run free boys xxx

Thor and Odin, the Parsons Russells

In 2010 I was renting with my estranged father who owned these two little brothers, Thor the first born and Odin who was last. Thor and Odin became my case studies and I learnt a lot from them both. Thor would tap the cupboard with his paw when he needed to select more chalk powder and arnica for his arthritic shoulder. He hated yarrow for wounds, so he taught me there are always alternatives to the idea in my head. Oddie or monkey moo, used to have nails that split and would have to forego his behavioural ritual of scratching the ground and marking. Carrot seed helped his nails grow strong and this changed his behaviour. This was yet another case study which showed me that behavioural issues can often be a symptoms of other issues which are the root cause. My father hasn’t spoken to me in several years now, and I did not see these little guys again. They have always had a special place in my heart regardless of human politics. Thor has recently joined Oddie across the bridge, and because they are in my heart they will always be with me. Run free boys, ‘nips’ are coming! xxx

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