Healing with Oils: A catch Up

A few weeks after our first essential oils workshop at Furzedown Farm we catch up with our group to see how they have got on offering oils and herbs to their horses.

Essential Oils Workshop for Equine Owners

“I found the course really interesting. It was great to be able to discuss different ideas and issues with others and get their ideas as well. I’ve used the oils with my mare fairly regularly since. She’s gradually becoming more open to the different smells and tastes. I’ve noticed she seems more mentally balanced when she’s had a session and much more relaxed. Its great to know that you can ask extra advice after the course from Georgie as well to help with specific requirements your horse may have. So glad I did the course, it’s making a real difference to my mare’s attitude towards life !!” – Hannah Roy, Dorwest Herbs


Scooby’s stable all set up this morning he went straight for the arnica (in blue bucket) and had a few gulps of yarrow. At the end of the day a few inches of water had gone down from the Yarrow bucket ”


“Scooby especially loved peppermint, rose and chamomile and some arnica in almond oil. Great responses runny nose and veins up in his face and took on top of tongue and underneath for all of them

After his nasty fall he is really enjoying the rose and yarrow in water 3 or 4 times a week and I’ve been giving him arnica in almond oil which he can’t get enough of. Scooby had a physio session with Becca Wyatt shortly after his fall, pleased to say that apart from being sore in a few places he’s come off lightly and will soon be back to normal”.

Scooby & Thomas enjoying some self selection

Brilliant morning at the yard doing some self selecting herbs with my horses and my friend and her horse they loved it. I’ve started giving both of mine dried nettles and they love it. I’m picking fresh cleavers and milk thistle once a week and put that in their stables and that’s always gone by the afternoon. Can’t wait to do Level 2 Oils and reiki II.  🌈 Thankyou Georgie for all you have taught me x ” – Claire Sheppard


“With Lucy Lou I’ve been offering a wide range of oils; she selects neroli, yarrow, carrot seed, rose, tea tree, woman’s balance (rose & geranium), frankincense and sometimes Roman chamomile to help her release the tension and resolve the issues she has been holding in her diaphragm. This has been hampering not only her breathing but her whole way of moving. The offering of essential oils have supported her acceptance of equine Bowen myofascial release therapy treatments, combined with a light in hand exercise regime. Massive improvements have been achieved.

B.K.S Iyengar who was considered one of the most foremost yoga teachers in the world said ‘the diaphragm is the window of the self’. Given that Lucy suffered so greatly in her previous competitive home, it is hardly surprising she has a very deep seated holding pattern in her diaphragm. It it such a privilege that she is now allowing humans to help her resolve her dilemmas and to heal.” – Caroline Crane, Bowen Therapist, Furzedown Farm


Caroline has started the mobile salad bar craze by putting nettles, milk thistles and cleavers normally cut back to help keep pathways clear into a wheelbarrow. The barrow gets pushed around the stables when horses are in and the left overs are handed out to those in the field.

Others have been embracing the self selection of seasonal forage, with a similar ideas or have been walking their horses out (or riding) and being curious about what is selected. Photo: Monsoon selecting nettles (carefully).

We have an active support group on FB and often investigate unknown plants and find out what properties that plant has and why the horse may be selecting them.

Self selection gives horses a choice and empowerment, and this improves relationships with their humans.

Additionally because it is a mindful activity for humans (if they can ‘be’ and not ‘do’) it is helpful for emotional and mental well-being.

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