Healing Self Before Others

A Healing Day

People drawn to healing and helping others often feel that looking after themselves or putting themselves first is selfish. Unpicking this belief slightly, we may find that it is a ‘childhood script’ that we are acting from. The driver behind it is perhaps being ‘please others’ or ‘serve others’.

People drawn to healing, such as Reiki, may be familiar with this script. Reiki I focuses on the ‘healing of self before healing others’. It highlights the requirement for Self care not as something ‘selfish’ but as completely connected to the healing of others. If a healer has any wounding or blocks, then energy simply does not flow freely through the healer’s body to their hands to offer anyone else healing.

Therefore, self care is an essential practice for those of us in a caring, healing or serving role in life.

Our first Reiki I group at Furzedown Farm learnt about Reiki as a healing energy for self before being offered the chance to practice on each other.

Betty, one of the horses, was very curious about what was going on in the classroom and came to look once or twice during the healing time.

Healing Animals

There are a number of animals at Furzedown from horses and ponies, and a pack of mixed dogs breeds to farm animals such as pigs, sheep and goats.

The pigs Branston, Pickle and Pepper were very happy to come off their favourite place in the sun, the muck heap and have some healing.

With the horses: Basil had just had a wash, so he moved between the game of ‘drip wiping’ (asking his human to wipe this spot or that spot) and stopping to have some Reiki. Jac was happy to have some Reiki in his stable and was very visibly having a yawn and process afterwards. Red, who has just turned one, was curious about the energy. One of our group reported a horse asking for reiki by lifting her foot as she may for a farrier. Then relaxed after she was given some in the foot position she had asked for.

Dogs, Henrietta (left) and Vesper (right) were relaxed and asleep by the end.
What is Reiki?

Reiki energy is a powerful, high vibrational energy, in contrast with illness and dis-ease which are lower vibrational energy. The actual words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ are thought to originate from ‘Raku-Kei’ and are from the Japanese language. ‘Raku’ is the vertical energy flow and ‘Kei’ is the horizontal energy flow through the body. Raki-Kei is the art and science of self-improvement used by ancient Tibetan Lamas and Buddhist monks dating back thousands of years.

Reiki was later re-discovered in the 1800’s by Japanese scholar and traveller Dr Mikao Usui and subsequently known as The Usui System of Reiki. ‘Rei’ meaning ‘universal’ and is the higher intelligence or higher spiritual consciousness that guides the creation and function of the universe. ‘Ki’ meaning ‘life force’ and is the energy that flows through every living thing.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki energy moves through the healer’s body and releases and dispels their blocks and negativity before being channelled through to the recipient, therefore never draining the healer. Blocks are usually caused by negative and repetitive thought patterns, emotions or reactions to experiences.  Reiki energy moves through the healer’s body and releases and dispels their blocks and negativity before being channelled through to the recipient, therefore never draining the healer.

Reiki in 2019: The Ascension Process and Twelve Chakras

The Mayan’s predicted the ‘end of the world’ on 21 Dec 2012, what they saw turned out to be the end of the ‘third dimension’. After this date, we all began an ‘ascension process’ progressing from the third dimension towards the fifth dimension which we are predicted to have achieved 2032. We were all ‘upgraded’ with the Twelve Chakra System of our ‘Golden Era’ and the previous ‘attunement’ process of Reiki was now not necessary. All we need is the intention to heal for this to work.

Our workshop focused on exercises to help with setting intentions, opening our 12 chakras and using healing energy on self, and beginning to explore using it with others. If you are interested in reading more about this, check out Diana Cooper and Tim Whild’s literature and social media sites.  

If you are interested in Reiki or other Workshops at Furzedown farm, in Weymouth click on Workshops for latest dates.

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