In Gratitude: June Catch Up

We catch up with our nine volunteers one month into their year long photo challenge of capturing a photo of something they are grateful for each week.

A YEAR LONG CHALLENGE: I originally asked seven people who struggle with a common mental health issue such as depression or anxiety, or a sense of ‘lack’ to be in gratitude for the year ahead. Each of them represented a day of the week and began to post me a photo of something they are grateful for this day for a whole year. We started last month. Since my first request for volunteers two more people joined up and we doubled up on Fridays and Saturdays. Read original blog

We asked if they had a particular photography approach, if their photos had a particular theme or pattern to them and if they had noticed any positive changes to their ‘sense of lack’, their outlook or their mental health…

‘I’ve noticed my photos have centred around my home and family.

My photography approach is that I am thinking about taking my photo throughout the week, so within that time I will see ‘something’ to be grateful for and snap away. My mental health currently feels like I am walking on a thin tightrope due to my current job and my hormones. The distraction to look for something that I am grateful for keeps me well-balanced for those few moments.

I’ve noticed my photo’s are taken from the ‘present’ moment

My photography approach is mostly that I muse over the need for a photo two or three days beforehand then I snap when the feeling is right. The subtle change a month into the challenge is that I am more aware of what I have.

The photos that I have taken are ‘present’ not past or future (planned)

My photography approach is to take photos as I see them and they are not planned. I am currently away in Europe, so had a huge choice this week. Out of all the photos I’ve taken I love the one I submitted for my number four the best (#30) – the architecture, colours, water, geology, even a little bit of blue sky. It was taken in Dinant, Belgium. I can’t say if I’ve noticed any positive changes to my mental health as yet as there’s still a lot going on in my life at present. 

My theme has been based on the ‘present’ moment, and perhaps I am drawn to flowers.

My photography approach has been a last minute snap for first three weeks. Well I say last minute, I do spend about 15 mins looking for inspiration and snapping something, once I have remembered that it’s Saturday. This week I have been on half term, assignments are handed in, I’m caught up with my admin and I’m now thinking about it a day early. I have noticed that this process has offered another opportunity to practice the ‘mindful gratitude’ I offer to the universe – when I find a moment to do it. I have worked long and hard on my mental health and it’s things like this that keep it polished.

My theme seems to be animals and friends, all in the present moment

My photography approach is that I keep my eyes open during the week for something that inspires me; makes me happy there and then. The challenge has really helped me to appreciate the little things in life, and opened my eyes to all of the lovely little moments you can experience as I was on the look out for a picture to take all the time. Sometimes I took so many it was hard to choose! I haven’t noticed any large changes to my mental health as of yet due to a lot of trauma and chaos still going on in my life. I definitely noticed the smaller things to be grateful for though.

My theme seems to be animals and nature.

My photography approach is mixed; I was doing one on the day, but for this last one I was out, saw it and planned ahead to post it. I have previously done this challenge with Georgie before, only I wrote down three things to be grateful for each day for a month. This method definitely was a positive influence on my mental health. I think doing a photo once a week lessens that impact a little because a lot can happen in my week. But seeing the photos sent in from the others does still give me a sense of appreciation.

There is no particular theme to my photos, just things that make me happy or bring a smile.

My photographer approach is using my gut feeling. The photos that I send are something from my week, not planned or on a particular day. I am more aware of being in the moment and seeing what makes me grateful.  My photos reflect the here and now, in the present time. I try not to live in the past or too much in the future. It is about what is going on for me in the moment. I have become more aware of the everyday and trying to find something in my daily life that I appreciate and I am grateful for, not to take the simple things for granted. This has been great for being kind to myself. 

There are no people in my photos, mostly the theme is feelings represented by objects.

My approach is that I tend to look out for things, then forget, then go back to what I thought about. There are no changes to my mental health, I remain madder than a hatter on acid.

My theme is ‘in the moment’ I think. I like being with friends, animals and sunsets.

My photography approach mixed; last minute as Wednesday comes around quickly or I plan it and have a lot of choice. I am not always quick enough ‘in the moment’ either by having my phone on me. Often I would have liked a different moment that I was grateful for, but there is no photo to express some gratitude’s and moments I have. I am currently feeling very unwell physically which is concerning me.

What are you grateful for right now?

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