The Road to an Out-of-Body Experience

Tim Whild, an ascension and Lightbody expert, kindly took time out of his busy schedule to discuss a significant ‘Exceptional Human Experience (EHE)’ that he believes set him on his spiritual path in life.

Tim writes: “During my teenage years I turned to sport to deal with my spiritual sensitivity and became an accomplished bike racer (road). I’d train for hours after school and race on the weekends, often getting good results, and my Dad took me on trips to France to follow the Tour every year during the 1980’s. I was fully committed and rarely did normal ‘teenager’ things as I’d be in bed early on a Friday night rather than out with my friends. It was hard but I loved every second of it”.

“One late evening in August 1990 I went out for a ride. I should have skipped training on this occasion as I had a bit of a cold but I told myself that it was just an easy one. My intention was to meet my family at the local pub afterwards as it was my Grandmother’s birthday and everyone was gathering there”.

“I braked very heavily to avoid the tractor that had crossed the junction in front of me without looking”.

“It was a truly beautiful evening, about 25 degrees centigrade with no wind and the Sun was low and bright red in the sky. It had a distinct etheric feel to it that I will never forget. As I climbed to the top of a hill called Tollard Royal I saw two balloons in the sky next to the Sun, both climbing higher and higher. I felt wonderful but like I was in a dream”.

“The descent down from this range of hills was long but steady and I dropped into a village bottleneck, probably way too fast but I hadn’t seen a car for at least 20 minutes. The last thing I remember is my cables shearing as I braked very heavily to avoid the tractor that had crossed the junction in front of me without looking”.

“I was completely out-of-my-body and had no intention of returning but the Universe had other plans.”

“I was lucky to hit the back tyre rather than the threshing machine on the back of the tractor. This was 1990 and there were no laws to mandate or recommend bike helmets in any way and most racers rode with leather ‘hairnets’. So my skull hit the road and it created a hairline fracture just above my right ear”.

“I was completely unconscious in the road for twenty minutes and according to people attending the scene I had no heart beat either. In my spirit body I was rolling dreamily towards a beautiful sunset along a familiar tree-lined road. The wind was at my tail and I felt peaceful and euphoric, the sense of completion will never leave me as I recall that moment riding towards the light”.

Tim’s mother had an Exceptional Experience at the same time Tim impacted with the road and became unconscious.

“I was dragged back into my body by the Ambulance crew as they attempted to bring me round and I remember hearing cheers from people round me as I regained consciousness. I was taken immediately to Salisbury hospital and treated for serious head trauma”.

“At precisely the point of impact my Mum stood up from her meal in the pub and said “Oh god, there is something wrong with Tim”. I was already a few minutes late and these were the days before mobile phones. The ambulance crew managed to get a few details from me before I passed out again and they phoned the pub to let my family know the news.”

An Exceptional Experience (EE) like an out-of-body experience becomes an EHE when it has a transformational quality.

Tim reflects on his transformation as he healed: “My recovery was fairly swift, but it was a long time before I regained my balance fully. I was completely out-of-my-body and had no intention of returning but the Universe had other plans. After about a month I was prompted to change my diet and completely turned vegetarian, which was an odd thing for a teenager to decide to do in 1990. I also began to ‘seek’ information and read every single spiritual book that I could lay my hands on at the time. It wasn’t long before I discovered Joshua David Stones ascension work in the mid 1990’s and Diana Coopers book ‘A Little Light on Angels’ “.

Tim has since gone on to become an author himself and has co-published a book with Diana Cooper about the ascension process. He is an international speaker, and was flying off to Sweden the morning after speaking with me.

Reflecting on this experience Tim says, “This incident will always stand out to me as the beginning of my ascension pathway. I was given the choice of leaving the planet or proceeding with the soul agreements that I agreed to before incarnation. I’m very glad that I stayed but it has been a bit of an ‘Ivy League’ experience which I’m sure many of you can identify with”.

Tim Whild 4-4-19.

You may recall in March I published a blog titled ‘Calling all those who have had an Exceptional Human Experience‘ for my counselling research. Thank you to Tim and if you want to discover more about him just hit the button above. Thank you to all those who have helped with my research, named and anonymous, by sharing your experiences. Anyone who still wishes to submit their ‘autobiography’, please click on the blog link above.

Image: Asya Vee, Stocksnap.

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