The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld

We believe this is what makes you fearful of the states you call past and future, and makes you reluctant to see the present with clear sight.  Invite both the past and future into the present, so that all would become a seamless web. ” – The Sidhe

The Sidhe : John Matthews : 9780936878058

A short book by archaeologist and scholar John Matthews who was invited to Ireland by a colleague to an excavation site and there he encountered a connection with The Sidhe who imparted their wisdom gained from a world or dimension that runs in parallel with our own. John writes the book in order of his encounters with The Sidhe over about a month, and explains the use of a glyph to help his connection to The Sidhe once leaving the site. Interestingly, the Sidhe mention that some of the crop circles are glyph’s from Gaia for us to connect with our planet in a similar way as John to The Sidhe; other circles they acknowledge are created by fellow humans who perhaps wish their own form of connection. At the end of the book John extracts the six exercises for us all to practice ‘awareness’ and ‘meditating’ to help us connect us to our own inner wisdom and that of the Great Web (or whatever you wish to call that wisdom that is bigger than you or I).

The Great Web that connects all life: it is vital that you learn how to make contact with that form that links us all. Be reconnected to everything, end that state of fragmentation that exists in you and that is everywhere in your world” – The Sidhe

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