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During the first Gateway of the Zodiac Wheel (April) I met the author of ‘Your Zodiac Soul‘ John Wadsworth in a cafe in Glastonbury. He randomly asked my friend if she would take a photograph of both him and his friend and they held up a book. I noticed the book title and I was intrigued so asked if one of them had written the book. John replied that he had; it was 14 years worth of his work and he had managed to capture it into his first book and was embarking on a UK book tour to promote it. Naturally, I bought a signed copy of the book as did my friend. I was not expecting such an experiential and fascinating book, a book that explains the wheel of life, from birth to death to rebirth, rather than the linear idea of birth to death.

As we transition through the gateways of each zodiac we are offered a deeper understanding to some of the lessons and obstacles we may have faced and perhaps more about our reactions to them, to ourselves and to others. Our blocks to our soul’s wholeness is explored and challenged with suggestions to overcome them. Rather than an exclusive star sign, we are all zodiac signs, some traits of each zodiac are stronger than others, some need diluting and some strengthening. Shadow sides of each sign are discussed and the feminine given alongside the masculine to bring back a balance to our soul. Each chapter details each zodiac gateway comparing and contrasting knowledge from ancient Greeks, Romans, Paganism, Buddism, the bible, from psychoanalyst Carl Jung, from myths around the world and so on. At the end of each chapter, there are useful questions and exercises to explore self and journal. It is recommended you have a study buddy when opening the book so they can maybe reflect back to you about the hidden-to-you you. It is also an idea to read over at time frame that encompasses twelve, so a chapter a month, starting in April for Aries for example, but if you can’t wait for that, 12 weeks will be fine and if you are quicker reader 12 days too. I found I had to read the book and then begin it again and start the exercises. Your Zodiac Soul is not really a book, more a transformational tool to help the progression to self-actualisation.

“A journey like this does not promise one-stop solutions or salvation, but it does open up new ways of seeing ourselves and new ways of being.” – John Wadsworth


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